Phonics Phase 2

This is a 6 week course; of one to one live tuition, with 2 classes each week at times to suit your child's schedule.

In this course your child will learn the following:

Letter Sounds s, a, i, t, p d, g, n, m, o v, o, c, k, b e, u, r, h, j f, qu, l, c w, x, y

Learning Activities

Revise the alphabet

Practice instant recall of the alphabet

Introduce the phonics song

Learn the letter sounds s, a, i, t, p

Learn the letter sounds v, o, c, k, b

Learn the letter sounds d, g, n, m,,

Learn the letter sounds e, u, r, h, j

Learn the letter sounds f, qu, l, c

Learn the letter sounds w, x, y, z

Learn to listen for beginning and end sounds of words

Learn how to use phonics sounds to read and spell words (CVC words)

Practice oral blending

Spellings test

Blend, read and spell high frequency words ‘is’, ‘it’, ‘at’, ‘in’, ‘and’ ‘am’, ‘an’, ‘on’, ‘up’, ‘us’, ‘him’ Revision of high frequency words

Extended learning - Complete activities in the home learning hub

Homework - Learn spellings

Live tuition course by Lisa Butterworth
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