Cambridge English Exam Preparation

Overall aims of the course - YLE Starters:

  • Recognise and have instant recall of letter names
  • Know that these letters make sounds (phonics)
  • Learn a large vocabulary of words and be able to name flashcards when shown
  • Students will be able to name numbers 1 - 20.
  • Know a variety of greetings and be able to use them in the correct context.
  • Be able to spell theme related words
  • Be confident in using phonics to spell.
  • Read simple sentences and be able to answer yes or no.
  • Be able to read words and correctly label pictures
  • Read and recognise words to be able to complete activities.
  • Use listening skills to complete tasks
  • Use spoken English in activities
  • Understand the instructions asked by the teacher.
  • Able to understand simple spoken descriptions of everyday objects - such as colour and size.

Live tuition course by Lisa Butterworth
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