The Importance Of Online Teaching During The COVID Crisis.

 Because of the COVID-19 crisis, millions of students all over the world are engaged in various forms of online schooling. For educators everywhere, it is a major struggle for them to adjust to this new form of teaching. Despite not being set up in physical classrooms, online teaching can still be effective with the proper student support system. TutorStream gives today’s online students a resource where they can access professional educators who can provide them with the online tutoring they need for success.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some of the important benefits of online teaching during the COVID crisis and how TutorStream can help you advance your teaching career. Let’s get started:

  • Builds A Supportive Environment- it is important to build trust between students and educators. If a student seems to perform poorly, it is easy for teachers to provide direct tutoring and solve any issue that the student has. With an ideal learning environment and personal connections with teachers, students will perform better educationally.

  • Teachers Are More Accessible- regardless of the environment, teachers should always be available for their students. It is fairly common for students to have questions and ask for help. With online teaching, educators entirely use digital communication tools. Students can send private messages or ask for one-on-one video calls when they have problems.

  • Proactive Feedback- despite their best efforts, teachers may not be entirely effective in providing a proper online education. Things can feel and look different from the student’s point of view. Students can share their opinion and provide feedback that may improve the online classroom.

  • More Adaptable- online teaching is more adaptable and teachers can use more flexible instruction methods and lesson plans. They may use images, animated graphics, or short videos to improve comprehension. Often, students have problems grasping fundamental concepts through verbal learning and reading text. These students could be more visual-oriented, so they will learn better through images and videos. It may take different approaches and a few tries, but students will have a better understanding on the concepts.

  • Access Thousands Of Eager Learners
  • TutorStream makes it easy to access thousands of eager learners while doing what you do best, teaching. Tutors, educators, even industry experts are already using TutorStream and are earning extra income quickly and easily. Simply create a course to teach, list it on TutorStream where interested students will see it and sign up, pay for the course, and wait for you to start teaching. Students learn and you get paid.

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